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WebDev 101 - User interface design

Submitted by Sam Moore on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 15:43
Web development user interface design

Regardless which content management system (CMS) people use, unless they are dedicated content managers, they are usually administrative professionals primarily responsible for other activities more traditional to their jobs. This makes web content updates just another burdensome task.

If the CMS they’re required to use is difficult, stressful and unrewarding, they will avoid doing it. If you notice a strong resistance to this task in your organization, we’re probably talking about you. At Resonetrics, we can prescribe strategies to successfully deal with your particular situation.

Generally, we start with an introductory interview to learn your specific needs and situation. Then we talk with your designated content editor, to objectively determine whether that person really has the skill set (or the willingness and potential to develop it) and bandwidth to take on the task consistently, as part of their position. 

If so, we may offer to help onboard that person to a professional standard, using task modeling and checklists to help establish a repeatable routine that produces the results you seek. We will also help your designee navigate your organization's particular culture to make sure they get what they need for each website update.

If your designee does not appear to be a good candidate for the content editing role, we will help you find someone among your team members who is, or recommend external sources to locate a better fit.  

WebDev 101 - Content organization & preparation

Submitted by Sam Moore on Wed, 10/07/2020 - 19:41
Web development

If it’s being done right, every organization’s website content consists of material provided from across the breadth and length of their expertise and knowledge. This means a variety of voices, language usage, tonal approaches, visual design and image types are being submitted by various contributors in all departments and sectors of the organization.

In an enterprise-level organization with many departments and subdivisions, it’s even more critical that this disparate content is well-edited and organized, to shape it into a coherent, single voice for the client.

This is a skill set unto itself. Not everyone has it, but everyone can learn enough to ultimately execute at a higher level. And for consistently top-tier content, you may find yourself retaining outside help.

For visuals, you can retain a virtual assistant (VA) with some training or background in photography or illustration to help you source, identify and edit images you'll need. For text, you might want to hire a commercial copywriter. It's important to hire the right one, and fortunately it's not difficult to find an experienced copywriter who has some background in your client's particular industry.

If the thought of having to locate, interview and secure the services of this outside talent sends you running for the hills because it's just way more time and effort than you have to spare, it might be time to hire an all-around digital marketing partner to do all that for you.