Moving Toward the Future, Part 1: How Traditional Small Creative Agencies Can Re-tool for the Digital Era – Volume and Velocity

Digital marketing laptop

Small creative agencies tend to have small client rosters, having chosen to remain small so they can stay in the creative end of what they love to do, rather than become managers. This translates to not being able to service the work volume and production velocity of larger agencies.

Digital-first agencies are built on a high-volume, constant-output type of project. The many different channels of digital marketing require the production of large numbers and many sizes of banner ads, social media and blog posts. Consequently, these agencies tend to have grown up at a pace far more intense than traditional agencies have experienced.

Happily, this can be remedied by supplementing salaried staff with freelance talent from a newly robust pool of freelancers, thanks to COVID-19. As a bonus, they can be chosen for narrow specialization in any needed discipline, providing previously hard-to-find expertise for any size agency or client.