Content Writing and Assembly – What WebDev Projects Really Look Like, Part 4

content writing and assembly

Now that you’ve moved through the Visual & Structural Layout, the next step in a thoroughly planned webdev project includes:

Content Writing and Assembly 

  • Who will be the actual generator of points to be covered? Will it be a subject expert, or will a dedicated writer do the research and interviews needed? 
  • Then who will write up final content?
  • Will that person actually post it to the site, or will that task be passed on to someone with more technical knowledge and comfort?

Content Editing 

  • Are end users subject to moderation in some way, such as legal representatives or guardians of proprietary data or practices? 
  • Does someone need to review or vet the content before it goes live? This is a good time to understand exactly how your particular client’s content workflow will look, especially if this will be an ongoing issue.

Content Workflow

  • This should not just organically happen. It needs to be designed as surely as the content itself, if the process is to be sustainable. 
  • Figure out a content workflow that makes sense. Consider realistic scheduling and establish reasonable turnaround expectations among all team members.