Layout – What WebDev Projects Really Look Like, Part 3

What Web Dev Really Looks Like

Once the planning phase of the project is completed, you move to the first creative production work.

Visual & Structural Layout
The best way to start this phase is to ask a number of questions about the salient points of the site's graphic/visual appearance, and its structural requirements.

  • Is the UI visually attractive? Get inspired with the resources at Mockplus
  • Might some users be visually challenged? (This includes colorblindness, partial impairment due to eye injury or macular degeneration, etc.) How can we use visual cues to help people find their way through the site? 
  • How can we make sure nothing important is buried or ambiguous?
  • Does the layout have a consistent appearance?
  • Is the physical location of a visual cue consistent?

You will undoubtedly come up with questions of your own, especially if you tend to work in very specialized fields. But these questions again give you a place to start. The process will continue in our next post.