Managing WebDev Client Expectations, Part 9

Managing WebDev Client Expectations, Part 9

Regardless what is agreed upon in the interim deadline establishment, there will inevitably be changes to the creative brief, which can happen for any number of reasons. These should be communicated with timings considered and costs agreed upon in electronic form. Email or via your chosen project management software is best. Texts are too easily lost or overlooked.

This is the point in the project where things can get tricky. Here are a few landmines to be aware of:

  • Expect Evolution – As a creative, you may not realize that some people have difficulty visualizing things that don’t yet exist. Most people don’t really know what kind of website they want until they see it starting to take shape. Then they get ideas, and want you to implement them. This is fine, but remind them that they must agree which is the priority: More/better features and functionality, or budget.
  • Avoid Incremental Scope Creep – No Favors. If the client wants to control costs, you must all agree on a scope of work, then stick to it. But any additional work performed outside the original project scope (this is why it’s important to have it in writing) will be charged out, agreed upon and accountable. The closer any changes occur to the beginning of the project, the less costly they will be, because they affect less other work that’s already been done.