Managing WebDev Client Expectations, Part 5

Managing WebDev Client Expectations, Part 5

One difficulty in managing client expectations of a webdev project is not knowing the level of experience, understanding and sophistication the client has around how websites are actually built, and—most importantly—what can realistically be expected from a CMS tool and Internet technology itself.

A specific point of friction may be the fact that it’s prohibitively expensive to create a site that will look the same in all browsers. Most clients are likely not aware of this limitation of browser and display technology.

Aside from simply making them aware of it before development begins, there are a few tactics that can be used to minimize the difference in site appearance from one browser to the next:

  • Ensure that the client is aware websites look different than on paper, as well.
  • Specify which resolution / screen size the website should be designed to.
  • Specify a fixed width or responsive layout.
  • Inform the client which browser versions you support.
  • Ensure that the client is aware of website font restrictions or recommendations, and web page download considerations.