Moving Toward the Future, Part 6: How Traditional Small Creative Agencies Can Re-tool for the Digital Era – Realign Pricing for Digital Expectations

Digital marketing

Traditionally, agency pricing was based on the perception of vague intrinsic value of “creativity.” Granted, this concept is difficult to assign concrete value to, but proving worth at billing time can get very uncomfortable, especially if your main determiner of pricing for the campaign was your client’s budget.

People who came up through the IT end of things know how to create relevant pricing structures, since they're used to working in more complex arrangements, with multiple teams, contract clauses regarding intellectual property and data security, and other issues traditional agencies may never even think of.

Happily, there are plenty of guidelines out there to help you structure fees in a way that creates a more understandable and applicable process. This assures clients of a level of accountability they may previously have not experienced working with creative agencies, and allows us to charge realistic prices for our services that ensure we are adequately compensated without wondering if we should have charged more or less. It may even shorten the odious quotation process, and who wouldn’t like to see that?