My Review of Learn to Build iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Originally submitted at O'Reilly

Want to build iPhone apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? When you purchase this product, you'll get access to the videos and other files associated with the Learn to Build iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript tutorial, including slide presentations and code examples. The sessions were...

A nicely focused short course.

By Smoo from Newtown, CT on 2/9/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Easy to understand, Well-written, Accurate, Concise, Helpful examples

Best Uses: Intermediate

Describe Yourself: Developer, Sys Admin, Designer

This four-session online course takes participants through the process of building an app-like web page, to be displayed on Mobile Safari.
From styling to take advantage of iPhone display characteristics, through some of the Javascript libraries available for this specific environment, the course is a great introduction to what is probably the easiest way to get up and running in iPhone development.
If you can handle HTML, CSS and JavaScript, this course is for you.
The final class sketches out the basics of true app development, including X-code, the iPhone SDK, and the submission process; however this is only a fly-by. To truly develop native apps would require real programming skill and a good deal more learning than this course provides.
The materials were clearly presented, with code examples available for download. Progress through the stages from a simple page to a more complex pseudo-app was logical, with each "chapter" building on the last.
Q&A was minimal, with the number of participants way beyond was would have been practical for real discussion.
I'd recommend purchasing and downloading the videos from this course, working through the examples, and also picking up Jonathan Stark's book on the subject (Oreilly Pub).